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As one of the most reliable residential roofers companies in Quincy MA, Quincy Siding and Roofing knows that your roof is the most critical exterior element of your home. A correctly installed and maintained roof will secure the home from pest infestation, exposure and much more. It is also more energy efficient and this can prove very beneficial as local roofers completely understand the extreme weather conditions we can encounter in MA. Your roof takes the brunt of this weather and as consequence will need repair or replacement on occasion. If you are in need of some help, be sure to employ a team of experienced and qualified residential roofing contractors,

Here are some of the most common reasons our technicians are called to homes in the Quincy MA area.

#1. Daylight is visible.

If you can see streams of daylight shining into your attic, this is an issue. Contact our team, and we can help you repair your roof quickly. To put it simply, where light can get through so can water. Of all the issues that can occur with your roof, if you have gaps or holes these should be addressed straight away.

#2. Shingles are missing or cracked.

Even the narrowest crack in a shingle or roof tile can lead to bigger issues later, if you are missing tiles or shingles your home is exposed to the harsh weather and these need to be replaced. Replacing a few shingles at a time due to annual inspection is far more cost effective than having to replace your whole roof.

#3. Shingle granules found in the gutter.

This is an early warning sign that your roof has seen better days, some of the shingles are exhibiting signs that they are getting worn. If these shingles are not at least replaced they will cause further issues. But this is ordinarily just a normal sign of wear and tear, but one that your roof is aging. A replacement will soon be required.

#4. Water stains appearing.

Discoloration or water staining in the ceiling or attic is a unmistakable indication of leaking. Water may have worked its way through the underlying of the roofing system. It may also be a sign that the flashing, seals or gutters are deteriorating. Regardless of the reason, these stains need to be inspected right away to find the root of the cause, before more damage is done to the interior of your home.

#5. Mildew or mold spotted.

Mildew or mold had begun to form on the upper walls or ceiling. The bathroom plumbing had been checked and it was not the cause of the problem, In all probability the issue is the roof. Leaking roofs can encourage a build up of moisture and can cause an environment in which both mildew and mold thrive. Both of these can cause serious health problems and should be addressed straight away.

#6. Replace chimney flashing.

Older roofs have chimney flashing that is made from either cement or tar. Replacing this will a more watertight metal will help prolong the life of your roof. Your chimney is one of the most familiar areas that leaks and damage occur on your roof. This is why it is important to get it inspected and keep it maintained on a regular basis.

#7. Roof deck beginning to sag.

Over time a roof deck will begin to sag. The principal cause of this is poor installation on day one, but inadequate support is another reason for the problem. Whatever the reason, if you have a deck attached to your roof, it needs to be inspected, maintained and installed correctly, otherwise it can risk the integrity of the whole roof

#8. Unusual high-energy bills.

Some of your customers asked about the cause of some suddenly high cooling and heating bills. On inspection our technician found that the roof had been poorly insulated and the result was extremely high air leakage. After we had fixed the insulation problem, the high bill went away too.

Why Choose Our Quincy MA Residential Roofers?

We take the safety of your home very seriously. Our teams of technicians are both proactive and dedicated when they are asked to inspect your roofs for potential damage and offer their recommendations.

Our Residential Roofers In Quincy Massachusetts Are Trained For Various Safety Measures

We only employ licensed roofing inspectors on our team. They are fully trained and operate under specific measures to ensure that while your roof is given as thorough an inspection as possible to ensure no damage is missed. This is all done while avoiding any unnecessary or costly delay.

We Provide A Variety Of Residential Roofing Services Quincy MA

Our team combines years of experience to offer a broad range of services that include metal roofing, flat roofing and asphalt roofing. We have ongoing roofing projects that have been tailored to meet the needs of our numerous customers, all projects are completed without compromising either safety or quality. We also offer.

* Gutter Repair and Installation
* Trim Work
* Siding Services
* Chimney Flashing Replacement
* Soffit Replacement
* Window Replacement
* Fascia Replacement
* Maintenance and Roof Repair in Quincy MA
* Structural Upgrades to Roof Rafters

The Importance Of Roofing System Maintenance

Annual maintenance of your roofing system is directly connected to the need for roof repairs in the future. When a technician comes to inspect and maintain your roof on a regular basis, they can replace shingles as they get damaged, plug any leaks and fix any other small issues they encounter to prolong the life of your roof and maintain the overall integrity of the roof. Fixing small issues as they arise will reduce the risk of needing a full roof replacement. Our certified roofers in Quincy MA carry out the following services:

* Gutter Repair
* Roof & Fascia Repair
* Roof Inspections
* Soffit Repair
* Leak Diagnosis

We only use the highest-quality materials, which we have sourced from the top manufacturers and providers. Because of the relationship we maintain with these companies, we are offered exceptional cost savings. These we pass on to our customers to ensure we can offer some of the most competitive prices in the area.

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